Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thinkin' About Going Kindle...It'd be Better Than Going Crazy.

As I continue to query agents, I've been thinking about uploading and selling No One in Particular in Kindle form. It might be a great way to begin building an audience. In the meantime I'm poking at potential covers for the book.


That One Person said...

You should also upload it to the Barnes & Noble Nook store. So I can buy it. =(

Lisa McLellan said...

Yippee! A potential reader!:)
Is your Nook cool? And can you buy e-books only from the Nook store or can you buy Kindle versions too?

Watery Tart said...

I will give you a warning that you may not like. IFF you are trying to go with an agent for a book, I would hold off on any self publishing, because they will evaluate volume sold of your other stuff, and the self-publish numbers tend to be small. To transition from self-pub to regular pub requires pretty outstanding numbers. I totally respect people with the chutzpah to self-publish and promote, and suspect even with the smaller numbers, they may do as well financially, at least until the more traditional publishing career takes off, but crossing from the one to the other is REALLY tricky. I think you have to commit to one path or the other.

I LOVE the cover though, an wish you a ton of luck!

Lisa McLellan said...

You're totally right Hart, and I have been thinking about that, a lot. This sitting back, querying, waiting, and hoping is so frustrating though. Even if I wait for traditional publishing, I'll still have to do a lot of marketing and promotion, especially these days. I also tend to get more fired up when I feel like I have something to prove - I feel like I have all these ideas in my head for promotion, but I've just got to sit on everything. I have to wonder how many author's internal fires start to burn out in the waiting game. It's a tough decision and I don't want to be naive about it.