Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Thinkin'

Are writers writers because they're creative types and can therefore sometimes be moody, or does the writing world make a somewhat moody but controlled type, even more moody?
Just wondering.
Maybe it's oncoming menopause.
Or the rain.

Pardon the weird look of my blog while I experiment with new templates and designs.
Expect some switcheroos in the next while. Maybe I'll change it up to match my newly moody self.

There's a new interview coming up. Sir Jonathan Spectre, man of mystery, enigma to all is my next victim. Stay tuned.


Watery Tart said...

I'm not actually moody--almost never. But somehow I CRAVE a little darkness, so I write it into my life so I don't have to go looking for it. [Because marrying it has had mixed results... I mean it ended UP okay, but it was rough there for a while. *cough*]

Lisa McLellan said...

You always manage to give me a laugh!