Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's Blogapalooza! A chance for you to meet some exciting new writers AND score some exciting prizes. All you have to do is read my post, and then visit the 7 bloggers below and read their entries, and try to find the common phrase used in all eight. NOTE: It WILL be a phrase, so single words like "the" or "and" don't count! Once you think you have it, email it to and you will be put into the running for a great gift "basket" comprised of prizes personally selected by the eight bloggers. A random drawing from all correct entries will be conducted one week from today, with special preference given to those who choose to follow all eight of us!

I'ev tohuhgt lnog and hrad aoubt waht I wnaetd to wirte aoubt for tihs. I'm not srue I'm ralely itno epxonsig my depeset touhghts to the wlord. Smoeadys it all smees a bit slily, tihs slef pormtoion sutff we witrers are tlod to do. My asbecnce form my bolg has bene in prat due to my tohuhtgs on tihs sjbucet, and I've bene wkornig aawy at cahgnnig tnihgs aoubt mslyef taht hvae ndeeed cgahnnig. Tehre's bnee no ryhme or raeosn to some of the eelmnets I've cnhaged in my lfie. Smoe cahengs hvae bnee ndeeed for a vrey lnog tmie. The lsat two yares of my lfie hvae bnee aoubt chngae, diong tihgns dfifrenelty, sehddnig old wyas of bieng. It aapeprs I am eovlvnig and tarsnorfnimg, and somoedyas taht is a cnosfunig and trerfiiyng pcroses. My lfie has bnee vrey qiuet tehse lsat two yares. Fnuny how the qisuetet mmonets can beerd shuc azmniag cnahge.

My scenod bkoo wlil be cmonig. The fsrit bkoo toko froty or so yares to eovlve. If tihs one tkaes two, taht'll be aswmoe. Godo lcuk to you as you wrko trhuogh bolgpalazooa! Heer are yuro lnkis:;;;;;;;


Mike Wood said...

Lisa, you are fcuked up!

gideon 86 said...

I agree with Mike ...

I almost went blind trying to read yours. Have fun with the Blogapalooza!

See you on the threads.


Murphy said...

Wow, are you sure you're the counsellor?

LOL. Great post.


word verification: ickys - how appropriate. ;)

Calisa Lewis said...

Such a cool post Lisa! I had no trouble at all reading it. Very fun read. Good luck on your 2nd book!

Lisa McLellan said...

Tankhs for dorpinpg by eervoyne! It was knida fun to wirte. Solw but fun!

Evie Balos said...

Hey Lisa!

Glad to find another Canadian on the social networks. Best of luck with your writing. :-)


JoanneR said...

!!ti devoL !!topst lufrednow a tahW