Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tomorrow is Blogapalooza!

Hello everyone/anyone/someone/maybe? In an attempt to get my writing juices moving again I accepted an invite to join Blogapalooza. Here's how it works:

Blogapalooza is a chance for you to meet some exciting new writers AND score some exciting prizes. All you have to do is read my post, and then visit the 7 bloggers below and read their entries, and try to find the common phrase used in all eight. NOTE: It WILL be a phrase, so single words like "the" or "and" don't count! Once you think you have it, email it to and you will be put into the running for a great gift "basket" comprised of prizes personally selected by the eight bloggers. A random drawing from all correct entries will be conducted one week from today, with special preference given to those who choose to follow all eight of us!"

Here are the links for the other 7 blogs. It should be fun! I'll try and come up with something special for you all!;;;;;;;

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